Pack & Smooch are based in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2010 by two brothers, Matthias & Clemens, the company makes high quality accessories using leather and merino wool.

Their latest product is the TabStrap, the perfect iPad Pro holder for those who use it on-the-go and want to keep it firm in hand. Not only is it their newest product, but it’s also Pack & Smooch’s first time launching a product on Kickstarter & it’s looking like it’s going to be a smash hit.

The TabStrap is the perfect iPad Pro holder for those who use it on-the-go and want to keep it firm in hand. It also doubles as a stand or a writing base. With the simple pull of a lever you can unlatch the strap from the back of your iPad, when you need a lower profile. Putting it back on is a breeze, just hold it in position and it will latch itself back on with an audible click so you know it‘s secured and ready to go.

Because of the TabStrap‘s thin profile and position, you‘ll be able to use the Smart Keyboard without any interference. And if you have an affordable bluetooth keyboard, you can use the TabStrap as a stand when typing along. Switching between the carrying position, to the stand is as simple as it gets. Just turn the strap into itself and you’ll have a great stand for writing, watching movies, or anything you’d want to do with a standing iPad. – Oh, and it also works in portrait mode!

It doesn’t matter which iPad you have, the TabStrap feels great when carrying even the biggest iPad. A powerful adhesive-less micro-suction-tape keeps the TabStrap secure on the tablet‘s smooth back, you‘ll be amazed of how stable and light it feels when carrying it. You can also use the TabStrap on tablets with a smooth back, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Fire HD 8 and more. The general rule is, if the back is smooth and air-tight it will hold.

Read more & pre-order on Kickstarter HERE