Victory Leathercraft has built an envious reputation for their innovative yet stylish and beautifully hand-crafted leather goods that are built to last a lifetime.
The new Hidn belt is no exception.Anyone who has ever lost their wallet, purse or been the victim of a pickpocket knows how devastating it can be to be stranded somewhere without access to funds. It was founder Pete Sandford’s personal experience (having been the victim of an attempted mugging and two attempted pickpocketings) that prompted him to develop this product.  The Hidn belt was designed to combat these situations. Invisible when worn, a secret compartment allows the wearer to covertly carry emergency cash, survival gear, memory cards, medication or other small items safely away from prying eyes. 
It’ll be sure to have a wide appeal, for use at home or on holiday, from the boardroom to the backwoods.
Individually hand crafted from a piece of very special 13oz premium bridle leather from England’s oldest tannery and fitted with a solid stainless steel roller buckle, the Hidn belt packs a surprise in the form of a secret compartment that’s only accessible when the belt buckle is unfastened.
It’s worth mentioning here that this leather is tanned in a time-honoured way that’s totally environmentally friendly because the process uses nothing more than the bark of English oak trees and local river water, in a long, slow process that takes some eighteen months to complete.. This is in stark contrast to over 90% of leather used today that is tanned using metals such as chromium that have been shown to pollute rivers and surrounding land. Tucked away in England’s West Country, there has been a tannery on this spot since Roman times and it has been in the ownership of the present family for over two hundred years.
Available to pre-order on Kickstarter, the Hidn belt smashed through its funding target in under 3 minutes from launch!

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